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  • Exposed Cracks In Stucco

Stucco Repair/Re-coat In Sacramento, CA

This stucco repair and re-coat was located in Sacramento, CA (South Natomas) and was pretty much an overall fix of the patches and cracks that occurred over time. The pressure washing really revealed the problems, like the pictures illustrate.

We addressed the bigger patches and cracks first, then pressure washed the entire wall, which exposed many more areas to remedy. Then we tackled those issues. After that, a bonder was applied to the entire wall for better adhesion and then a complete re-coat was applied to the wall with an uncolored finish product, which would later be painted.

Characteristics Of Job:

  • Color: Uncolored
  • Texture: Sand Finish
  • Finish Material: Traditional Finish
  • Manufacturer: Omega Stucco/Eisenwall
  • Mfg. Material Line: ColorTek Line
  • Description: Stucco was ground down, pressure washed, cracks were filled, a bonder was applied and then a recoat was used to give the wall a fresh look.

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